Current restrictions

As of May 5, 2021, 12:00 AM

Public spaces

The 2+2 rule will be in force in public outdoor spaces as well. Starting from March 11, no more than two people can move around in a public outdoor space together.

The restriction does not extend to families moving around together or situations where it cannot be reasonably adhered to. The 2+2 rule must be followed everywhere in public spaces, on streets, playgrounds, in parks and parking lots, but also when moving around in nature, for instance when you meet other people on a bog hike. The 2+2 has already been in force in all public indoor spaces.

Obligation to wear a mask

The requirement to wear a mask or cover the nose and mouth is in force in public indoor spaces, including in public transportation and service facilities (except for children under the age of 12 or if wearing a mask is not possible due to health considerations, special need, the nature of the work or activity or some other substantial reason).

A public indoor space is a space designated for public use that can be entered by anyone wishing to do so, without, for instance, a requirement to register in advance; it is a space densely populated with people who do not come into daily contact with each other.

Commercial and service enterprises

Starting from May 3, it is allowed to dine in the outdoor areas of catering establishments until 21.00, the 50 percent maximum occupancy rule must be adhered to, and there can be up to 10 people at one table. Customers are still not allowed to eat and drink in the indoor sales and service areas of catering establishments, selling food for takeaway continues to be allowed.


Starting from May 3, children in grades 1 to 4, students in grades 9 and 12, as well as students of vocational schools who are taking the state exams in the 2020/2021 academic year are allowed to start contact learning. This also applies to students who require enhanced and special support. The Government will consider allowing the other school levels to start contact study during later discussions.

Sports, recreation and leisure

Sports, training, hobby activities, youth work, refresher training

Starting from May 3, all these activities are allowed indoors if the 2+2 rule is adhered to, meaning that up to two people can train together and a distance of at least 2 metres must be kept from others. Among other things this means that training in pairs will be allowed, e.g. doubles' tennis. Training in swimming pools is allowed at the same conditions. A 25 percent occupancy limitation must be kept in mind when carrying out the activities. Group training sessions are not allowed.

Outdoor sports, training, youth work, hobby activities and informal education, refresher training are allowed in groups of up to 10 people.

All group limitations also include an instructor and if there are more groups than one, these groups are not allowed to come into contact with each other. The group limitation does not apply to students in the same class who have been allowed to start contact learning or to children in the same kindergarten group. The limitation also does not apply to the those who were exempt this far, i.e. professional athletes, members and candidates of the national team, athletes in the highest and second national divisions, activities related to the military defence and internal security of the state.

Sports competitions, and sports and exercise events

From May 3, outdoor sports and exercise events are allowed for up to 150 people who must be in groups of up to 10 people (including the instructor) , and the groups may not come into contact with each other. The event must end at 21.00 at the latest.

From May 3, the limitation on a number of participants allowed to take part in the top level competitions, including competitions in the highest national division, is also being eased, meaning that indoors, up to 100 persons, including the personnel, may participate in a competition, outdoors up to 200 persons. Spectators are prohibited at all competitions. There are no limitations set to when a top level competition must end.

Public events

Worship services, museums, exhibition venues

Starting from May 3, it is allowed to visit indoor museums and exhibition venues, if the 2+2 movement restriction and 25 percent maximum occupancy rule are adhered to. Museums and exhibition venues must close their doors by 19.00. It is also allowed to hold worship services and other public religious services if the same movement restrictions, occupancy limits and closing time are adhered to.

Outdoor public events and meetings

Starting from May 3, it is allowed to hold outdoor public meetings and worship services, and all other public events in both the fields of culture and entertainment for a maximum on 150 people. People must stay in groups of up to 10 people who do not come into contact with each other. All events must end by 21.00 in the evening.


All other indoor public culture and entertainment events, including cinema showings, concerts, theatre performances, conferences continue to be prohibited. It is also not allowed to be in locations where entertainment services are provided, e.g. a casino, a night club, a bowling or pool hall, or a children's playroom. Spas, saunas, water parks and swimming pools will also remain closed, except on the conditions set for doing sports.